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Training Camp: When To Go, What To See

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The Washington Redskins training camp is a great opportunity to watch your favorite players get ready for the season. The entire family can go and spend a morning or afternoon enjoying refreshments, getting a tan and maybe an autograph from a player.

This year, the training camp begins on July 25. Two sessions are scheduled for each day. The times have not been set yet. All the practice sessions are open to the public and are free. Families are welcome. Here are Read more »

What’s In a Name? Cultural Oppression

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We live in a society where every perceived slight is likely to make the news. Whether the information comes from through the programming of a service like or the newspaper, the entire country will ultimately know about it. As an American citizen, you have the responsibility to stand up for what is right.

For decades, millions of NFL fans have supported the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, the name “redskins” is viewed as an offensive slur by quite a few Native Americans. Recently, the Washington football team has been under major scrutiny for its failure to change the name of the team. Since various ethnic groups have religiously supported the team, it only makes sense to change the name.

While some people do not think the current name is a big deal, there are others that find it highly offensive. Some even argue that the name should have been changed several years ago.The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, recently voiced his opinion on the issue. Surprisingly, he stated that he was in support of the trademarked ‘Redskins’ name. This is not good news to say the least. Even owner Dan Snyder defends the name vehemently. He actually stated on record that the organization would never change the name.

When it comes to a potentially racist slur, you must put yourself in the shoes of the offended group of people. From a historical perspective, hundreds of Native Americans were eventually forced to give up their lands to European settlers. Choosing to keep the name of the team only adds injury to insult.

Gear Up For Game Day With Our Guide

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Attending your first Redskins game can be a highly memorable moment, but it can also be stressful and tiresome if you aren’t properly prepared. Therefore, you should consider following these tips so that you will feel prepared to really enjoy your first big game day.

First, make sure that you allow yourself to get plenty of rest the night before the game. Although you might be feeling jittery with excitement, you don’t want to be sleepy during the game; otherwise, you might not have a good time. Also, take the time to pack a Read more »

Keys To A Successful 2011 Season

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In a word, the key to a successful Redskins season hinges one thing: health. The ‘Skins seemed poised to make a deep playoff run until rookie wonder kid Robert Griffin III injured his knee. For Griffin to already be missing playing time this early in his career can spell doom for a young team like the Redskins. Washington could have been even more dangerous could linebacker Brian Orakpo have stayed healthy and wide receiver Pierre Garcon avoided ongoing health concerns which limited his production. If the Read more »

What Are The Redskins Draft Day Needs?

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When it comes to preparing for the National Football League Amateur draft, there are a couple of important questions to consider. One of the first questions fans ask is ‘how do the players rank?’ Another question of particular interest is ‘What Are The Redskins Draft Day Needs?’ This year those two questions go together nicely and present quite a problem for the team. Their major need is to get a reliable franchise quarterback they can build around for years. The team has used different starters for several seasons with the same unfortunate result.

There are some excellent Read more »

Ten Tips For A Terrific Tailgate At The Stadium

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Like anything else to be a great hit , you must do great planning. The same goes for having one of the best tailgates. Plan everything ahead, makes a checklist if it helps. Here are some helpful tips.

Designated Driver

You should always have a designated driver planned in advance. At least someone who is not going to plan on drinking all day.

Purchase Your Parking In Advance

To avoid driving from lot to lot, spending all your Read more »

How To Dress Like A Hogette

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Sooie! Calling all Washington Redskin Hogettes and Hogette wannabees; it-s time to “drag’ out your Hogette paraphernalia and get yourselves over to the Pig Pen for some good old fashion, roll-in-the-mud type fun! Here are a few fashion tips for the aspiring Hogette:

Wear the tackiest dress you can find. If you are TV fan of boomer age, think Mrs. Roper from Three-s Company. If you-re under 25, The Nanny-s mom or Madea are Read more »

Redskins In The Hall of Fame

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As one might expect from a football franchise with as rich a history as the Redskins, there are a number of Redskin players and coaches in the Hall of Fame. In total there are twenty-six players and coaches who spent time with the organization, but some earned their Hall of Fame stripes with other teams.

One iconic coach that earned his Hall of Fame status with the Redskins is Joe Gibbs. While he coached the Redskins two separate times, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame based on his first twelve year stint from 1981 to 1992. Another iconic Read more »

Reasons We’re Watching all the Games at Home This Year…

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Sure there-s something to be said for taking in a Skins game in person but who wants to ride the train all the way out to Baltimore just to freeze their tuckus off? Here are a few of our reasons for watching all the games at home this year
Better Viewing Experience: If you-ve got Direct or any other NFL carrier you-re going to get better views and commentary at home than you are in the stadium. Playback buttons and Red Zone coverage mean you get to relive the Skins- Read more »

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Surveying the ruins of another failed storming of the playoff castle, 2010 was not without its high points. Unfortunately, the play under center, which was expected to provide a steadying hand to an otherwise question mark offense, quickly soured from asset to liability. In his first season with the ‘Skins, Donovan McNabb turned in the worst quarterback rating since his rookie year in 1999, plummeting from 92.9 in 2009 to 77.1 in 2010. While the statistics calculation may be a bit mind boggling to everyday football fans, his year appears less than impressive even to the naked eye. Completing under 60 of his passes and hurling 15 interceptions to just 14 touchdowns, one would be tough pressed to find any metrics by which McNabb’s stint in Washington could be deemed a success.So with the Redskins season now ended prematurely, the question remains, will 5 be back for an encore in burgundy and gold? In November, McNabb signed a 5-year contract extension worth 70 million, as much as 88.5 million if all incentives are reached (they won’t be). While a contract extension may sound like a commitment last summer’s hottest name in DC football circles, in the backwards world of NFL contracts, it actually makes it less likely Redskins faithful will see McNabb suit up in 2011. Due just 3.5 million in guarantees, Washington brass will save themselves a 10 million option bonus, not to mention the remainder of the contract, if McNabb is released this off-season. Read more »