Underwhelming Under Center

www.theredskinsblog.com | McNabb, Predictions | 01 16th, 2011  |  Comments Off

Surveying the ruins of another failed storming of the playoff castle, 2010 was not without its high points. Unfortunately, the play under center, which was expected to provide a steadying hand to an otherwise question mark offense, quickly soured from asset to liability. In his first season with the ‘Skins, Donovan McNabb turned in the worst quarterback rating since his rookie year in 1999, plummeting from 92.9 in 2009 to 77.1 in 2010. While the statistics calculation may be a bit mind boggling to everyday football fans, his year appears less than impressive even to the naked eye. Completing under 60 of his passes and hurling 15 interceptions to just 14 touchdowns, one would be tough pressed to find any metrics by which McNabb’s stint in Washington could be deemed a success.So with the Redskins season now ended prematurely, the question remains, will 5 be back for an encore in burgundy and gold? In November, McNabb signed a 5-year contract extension worth 70 million, as much as 88.5 million if all incentives are reached (they won’t be). While a contract extension may sound like a commitment last summer’s hottest name in DC football circles, in the backwards world of NFL contracts, it actually makes it less likely Redskins faithful will see McNabb suit up in 2011. Due just 3.5 million in guarantees, Washington brass will save themselves a 10 million option bonus, not to mention the remainder of the contract, if McNabb is released this off-season.Considering McNabb was relegated to the bench to close the year, it’s highly unlikely, at least in this opinion, Mike Shanahan will opt to continue the course with a QB who became the subject of so much debate during the Redskins’ demise. Still in only his second season on the Washington sidelines, Shanahan knows as well as anyone how closely a coach’s tenure is tied with his signal caller. Look for Gabbert if he falls in the draft, perhaps even Ryan Mallett or Cam Newton, as more likely options to begin their careers in the nation’s capital than Donovan is to return to the Redskins.

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