Redskins In The Hall of Fame

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As one might expect from a football franchise with as rich a history as the Redskins, there are a number of Redskin players and coaches in the Hall of Fame. In total there are twenty-six players and coaches who spent time with the organization, but some earned their Hall of Fame stripes with other teams.

One iconic coach that earned his Hall of Fame status with the Redskins is Joe Gibbs. While he coached the Redskins two separate times, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame based on his first twelve year stint from 1981 to 1992. Another iconic Redskin coach, George Allen, actually earned his early Hall of Fame credentials with the Los Angeles Rams, but he spent his final eight years developing his credentials with the Redskins. Ray Flaherty was one the early Redskin coaches inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The many memorable players that earned their Hall of Fame stripes with the Redskins include Cliff Battles, Sammy Baugh, Albert Glen (Turk) Edwards, Darrell Green, Chris Hanburger, Ken Houston, Sonny Jurgensen, Wayne Millner, Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor, Art Monk, and the unforgettable Jon Riggins.

George Preston Marshall was an original owner of the Redskins, first named the Boston Braves. His dynamic personality and willingness to take chances earned him a well deserved spot in the Hall of fame as an owner.

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