Gear Up For Game Day With Our Guide

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Attending your first Redskins game can be a highly memorable moment, but it can also be stressful and tiresome if you aren’t properly prepared. Therefore, you should consider following these tips so that you will feel prepared to really enjoy your first big game day.

First, make sure that you allow yourself to get plenty of rest the night before the game. Although you might be feeling jittery with excitement, you don’t want to be sleepy during the game; otherwise, you might not have a good time. Also, take the time to pack a cooler up with cold drinks, to get things ready for the morning and to make sure that you print out directions or get your GPS system ready the night before so that you are ready to go.

Then, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible while you are the game. Gearing up in team apparel is a great way to get in the spirit, and try watching the pre-game show, interacting with the mascot and watching the cheerleaders so that you get the full effect. If you do, you are sure to be positively stoked by the time the game even begins, and you will surely make memories that will last a lifetime at the game.

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